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BMW Mini One / Cooper R50/53 Midland MA Gearbox Repairs

BMW Mini Gearbox RebuildsBMW Mini Gearbox Problems
The earlier BMW Mini (mk1) is notorious for it’s long list of common problems and includes the common failing 5-Speed manual gearbox. The BMW Mini Mk1 is fitted with a Midland box across all models including the Mini ONE and Cooper. This is possibly one of the most common gearboxes we see in our workshops.

The most common problem with these gearboxes is bearing failure and more often it’s either the pinion bearing or front bearing on the lay gear – you may notice a distinctive noise as they progress to wear out. If you do notice the problem in it’s early stages, the cost of repair is much cheaper than if you wait for the bearings to completely collapse.

Once the bearings collapse, it could as much as double the repair bill depending on the extent of damage it causes. We’ve seen gear-sets get chewed to bits and gearbox casings cracked – this type of damage is irreparable and new casings and gearsets can be very expensive.

Common BMW Mini Gearbox Faults

  • Noisy Gearbox (Crunching / Whining / Grinding Noise)
  • Not Going Into Gear (especially 2nd + 5th)
  • Stuck In Gear (commonly 2nd + 5th)
  • Loss of Power / Clutch Slipping

If the front bearing fails, your clutch may need replacing due to oil contamination.

BMW Mini Midland Gearboxes RepairedOur BMW Mini Gearbox Rebuild + Free Fitting Service
We are able to fully strip & rebuild the BMW Mini gearbox. We use new genuine OEM components when repairing gearboxes to ensure each and every reconditioned gearbox meets & exceeds OE specifications. All of our rebuilt gearboxes come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty and free fitting in our gearbox service centre.

If you have a gearbox fault with your BMW Mini, call us today on 0844 847 9999.

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147 thoughts on “BMW Mini One / Cooper R50/53 Midland MA Gearbox Repairs
  • Hi, I have a 2005 mini one with a whining from the gearbox. I suspect its A failed/failing bearing issue. What is your pricing on a rebuild please?

    • Hi David

      Thanks for getting in touch, we have sent you an email quoting you a price for a rebuild.

      Kind Regards


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