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Calsonic Kansei CSE613C Air Conditioning (Aircon) Compressor – BMW

Calsonic CSE613C BMW Aircon Compressor FaultThe Calsonic Kansei CSE613C air conditioning compressor (aircon pump) is a unit found fitted to a variety of BMW vehicles. When the air con pump fails, you may not get any warning lights on the dash but pressing the air conditioning button will have no effect or make an usual noise – depending on how the unit failed.

Common Faults Associated With Air Conditioning Pumps

  • Compressor Clutch Not Engaging
  • No Cold Air (Even After Re-filling Aircon Gas)
  • Grinding Noise When Pressing Aircon Button

When this part fails, replacement can be very costly so it’s advised to get it professionally diagnosed to ensure it is definitely the pump at fault and not a fuse/sensor or other problems.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

New Replacement Aircon Pumps – From Sinspeed
Being a common failing part, we stock new genuine OEM replacements and also new aftermarket replacements, both which are a direct-fit requiring no modifications. We also carry remanufactured units on the shelf using new genuine OEM components to ensure each and every rebuilt air conditioning compressor meets & exceeds OE specifications. All our replacement air conditioning compressors come with a 12 month warranty.

The table below shows the various part numbers we’ve seen from the Calsonic CSE613C air conditioning compressor.

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers


Below you can see the various models of BMW this particular aircon pump is found fitted to. If you’re experiencing air conditioning problems, give us a call today on 0203 815 9441.

BMW1 Series 1161.609/200409/2012PetrolE87 / E81
BMW1 Series 1162.001/200909/2012PetrolE87 / E81
BMW1 Series 1181.801/200409/2012PetrolE87 / E81
BMW1 Series 1182.009/200409/2012PetrolE87 / E81
BMW1 Series 1182.009/2008PetrolE88
BMW1 Series 1202.009/200409/2012PetrolE87 / E81
BMW1 Series 1202.003/2008PetrolE88
BMW1 Series 1202.009/2009PetrolE82
BMW3 Series 3161.602/200612/2011PetrolE90
BMW3 Series 3161.609/2007PetrolE91
BMW3 Series 3161.609/200712/2011PetrolE92
BMW3 Series 3182.009/200512/2011PetrolE90
BMW3 Series 3182.001/2006PetrolE91
BMW3 Series 3182.003/2007PetrolE93 Convertible
BMW3 Series 3182.003/2010PetrolE92
BMW3 Series 3202.005/2005PetrolE91
BMW3 Series 3202.005/200612/2011PetrolE90
BMW3 Series 3202.011/2006PetrolE92
BMW3 Series 3202.011/2006PetrolE93 Convertible
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