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Delphi SP10 CVC / Sanden SD6V12 1443 Air Conditioning Compressor – Vauxhall

Sanden SD6V12-1443 Aircon PumpThe Delphi SP10 CVC and the Sanden SD6V12 1443 air conditioning compressors (aircon pumps) are both interchangeable without any modification being required. These units are found fitted to a variety of Vauxhall (Opel) vehicles from 2000-2010. From factory, most vehicles came fitted with early revisions of these units and were prone to failing. The units have since been superseded and we stock only the latest superseded designs to ensure all common failures are rectified in the design.

Note: Some vehicles may require a modified wiring loom be fitted when fitting the new superseded aircon compressor. We can supply the modified loom with the following GM part number: 93190582.

Common Faults Associated With Air Conditioning Pumps

  • Compressor Clutch Not Engaging
  • No Cold Air (Even After Re-filling Aircon Gas)
  • Grinding Noise When Pressing Aircon Button
  • Unable to Discharge Gas
  • Unable to Refill Gas

A faulty aircon pump can be very expensive to replace if you’re looking at purchasing a new unit from a dealer, although will come with a 12 month warranty. It is not advised to use second-hand (used) parts as you may be purchasing an earlier revision part which has a known common fault – plus you never know how well it has been maintained. Used parts typically come with a limited 30-90 day warranty.

New Replacement Aircon Pumps – From Sinspeed
We stock new genuine OEM replacement air conditioning compressors and also great quality aftermarket compressors. We can also supply fully remanufactured units on the shelf. We remanufacture air compressor pumps using new genuine OEM components to ensure each & every aircon pump repair / rebuild meets & exceeds OE specification. All of our replacement air conditioning compressors come with a 12 month warranty as standard.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

The table below shows the various part numbers we’ve seen associated to this type of air conditioning compressor unit.

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

Below you can see the various models of Vauxhall (Opel) these aircon compressor pump units have been found fitted to. If you are experiencing air conditioning problems, give us a call today on 0203 815 9441.

VauxhallAstra G MK41.2 16V09/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.2 16V200202/2004PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.409/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.4200202/2004PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.609/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.6200202/2003PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.6 Dual Fuel12/200202/2004PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.809/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK41.8200208/2005PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK42.009/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK42.0 Turbo09/2000- 2002PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G MK42.0 Turbo200202/2004PetrolT98
VauxhallAstra G Van1.609/200002/2002Petrol
VauxhallAstra G Van1.602/200212/2006Petrol
VauxhallAstra H MK51.6 16V02/200412/2009PetrolA3300
VauxhallCombo C1.410/200107/2003Petrol
VauxhallCombo C1.408/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCombo C1.6 16V CNG06/200502/2012Petrol
VauxhallCombo C1.6 8V08/200107/2003Petrol
VauxhallCombo C1.6 8V08/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCombo C1.6 8V08/200402/2012Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.009/200009/2003Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.009/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.008/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.209/200009/2003PetrolVAN
VauxhallCorsa C1.209/200009/2003Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.209/200307/2004PetrolVAN
VauxhallCorsa C1.209/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.208/200410/2006PetrolVAN
VauxhallCorsa C1.208/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.2 TWIN PORT09/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.2 TWIN PORT08/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.409/200009/2003Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.409/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.409/200307/2004PetrolVAN
VauxhallCorsa C1.408/200410/2006PetrolVAN
VauxhallCorsa C1.408/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.4 TWIN PORT09/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.4 TWIN PORT08/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.8 16V09/200009/2003Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.8 16V09/200307/2004Petrol
VauxhallCorsa C1.8 16V08/200410/2006Petrol
VauxhallMeriva A (03 - 09)1.4 16V01/200303/2008Petrol9412300
VauxhallMeriva A (03 - 09)1.4 16V03/200810/2009Petrol9412301
VauxhallMeriva A (03 - 09)1.6 16V09/2002- 2006Petrol
VauxhallMeriva A (03 - 09)1.8 16V09/200203/2008Petrol9412300
VauxhallMeriva A (03 - 09)1.8 16V03/200810/2009Petrol9412301
VauxhallTigra B1.8 16V06/2004Petrol
VauxhallZafira MK11.6200208/2005PetrolTO600
VauxhallZafira MK11.8200208/2005PetrolTO600
VauxhallZafira MK12.0200208/2005PetrolTO600
VauxhallZafira MK12.0 Turbo09/200108/2005PetrolTO600
VauxhallZafira MK22.0T VXR 200BHP08/2005PetrolA3370
VauxhallZafira MK22.0T VXR 240BHP08/2005PetrolA3370
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