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Denso 6SEU16C Air Conditioning Compressor – Mercedes

New Mercedes 6SEU16C Air Conditioning CompressorReplacement Mercedes Denso 6SEU16C Aircon Pumps
The Denso 6SEU16C air conditioning compressor (air con pump) is mainly found fitted to Mercedes C-Class and Mercedes E-Class from 2007 onwards, however, we have seen this part fitted to other models like the Mercedes CLS and even the GLK Mercedes. This unit has slowly become a more common failing part which we can repair and we now carry replacement units in stock for quicker turnaround time.

Mercedes Air Conditioning Pump Problems

  • Compressor Clutch Not Engaging
  • No Cold Air (Even After Re-filling Aircon Gas)
  • Grinding Noise When Pressing Aircon Button
  • Unable to Discharge Gas
  • Unable to Refill Gas
  • Pressure Problems
  • Electrical Faults

If your aircon pump has failed your local dealer will quote you for a very expensive new part with a 12 month warranty. There are cheaper used second-hand parts available which will come with a limited 30-90 day warranty but there’s no real guarantee how long they will last because you don’t know how much mileage it has already covered or how well it was maintained by the previous owner.

New Replacement Aircon Pumps & Own Unit Rebuilds – From Sinspeed
We’re able to fully test + repair the Mercedes Denso Air Conditioning Compressor units and also offer new replacement units. We stock both brand new genuine Denso parts and also OE quality aftermarket units, both with a full 12 month warranty.

When rebuilding aircon pumps, we use brand new genuine OEM components to ensure that each and every rebuilt air con compressor meets & exceeds OE quality. All units are returned with our 12 month warranty.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

Below is a small selection of the most common part numbers we’ve associated with this type of Denso air conditioning compressor unit. Your unit may have an alternative part number to below but can still be repaired or replaced.

Common Part NumbersCommon Part NumbersCommon Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

We’re able to fully test, repair and replace almost all air conditioning compressor units and this particular air conditioning pump is found fitted to a variety of late Mercedes built from 2007. Below we’ve compiled an extensive vehicle application database showing all the vehicles this unit has been found fitted to. Note that this is not a complete list and other vehicles may also have this part fitted so if your vehicle is not listed or you’re unsure, give us a call on 0203 815 9441 and we’d be happy to assist you.

MercedesC Class (W204)C180 2.1 CDi01/2011DieselEstate
MercedesC Class (W204)C180 2.1 CDi01/2011DieselSaloon
MercedesC Class (W204)C200 2.1 CDi01/2011DieselSaloon
MercedesC Class (W204)C250 2,1 CDi01/2011DieselSaloon
MercedesC Class (W204)C230 2.508/2007PetrolEstate
MercedesC Class (W204)C280 3.008/2007PetrolEstate
MercedesC Class (W204)C350 3.508/2007PetrolEstate
MercedesC Class (W204)C63 AMG 6.202/2008PetrolSaloon
MercedesC Class (W204)C63 AMG 6.202/2008PetrolEstate
MercedesC Class (W204)C63 AMG 6.206/2011PetrolCoupe
MercedesCLS (C218)250CDi 2.204/2011Diesel
MercedesE Class (A207)E350 CGi 3.501/2010PetrolConvertible
MercedesE Class (C207)E350 CGi 3.501/2009PetrolCoupe
MercedesE Class (S212)E200 CDi 2.111/2009DieselEstate
MercedesE Class (S212)E220 CDi 2.111/2009DieselEstate
MercedesE Class (S212)E250 CDi 2.107/2010DieselEstate
MercedesE Class (S212)E350 4 Matic 3.511/2009PetrolEstate
MercedesE Class (S212)E350 CGi 3.508/2009PetrolEstate
MercedesE Class (S212)E63 AMG 6.208/2009PetrolEstate
MercedesE Class (W211)E250 CDi 2.108/200807/2009Diesel
MercedesE Class (W212)E200 NGT 2.103/2011PetrolSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E200 CDi 2.101/2009DieselSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E220 CDi 2.101/2009DieselSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E250 CDi 2.111/2009DieselSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E220 CDi 2.211/2009DieselSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E300 3.001/2009PetrolSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E350 3.501/2009PetrolSaloon
MercedesE Class (W212)E63 AMG 6.212/2009PetrolSaloon
MercedesGLK (X204)280 3.006/2008Petrol
MercedesGLK (X204)300 3.001/2009Petrol
MercedesGLK (X204)350 3.506/2008Petrol

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