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Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS Pump Repair

Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS Pump Control Module RepairsFerrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS / ESP Pump Control Module Problems
The Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS Pump Controller also controls the traction control (ESP) system and is a very common failing part found fitted to the Ferrari 360. The ABS Pump is also often referred to as many names such as: ABS Pump, ABS ECU, ABS Module, ABS Controller, ESP Pump, ESP ECU, ESP Module and ESP Controller – In instances like this when the ABS / ESP systems are combined, they are all referring to the same one unit.

The Bosch 5.3 ABS Controller has an external power source to the ABS pump motor which is mounted on top of the hydraulic valve block. The ABS unit has since been upgraded on newer vehicles with the Bosch 5.7 and now the Bosch 8.0 ABS pump which has an internal power source to feed power up to the ABS pump motor.

Common Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS Pump Faults
Faults with this type of unit can very quite abit as it all depends on how the unit has failed. We’ve been repairing these units for so long now we’ve practically seen every type of fault possible with Bosch ABS controllers and below are just some of the most common faults we’ve seen when the ABS pump fails:

  • ABS Light On
  • Brakes Juddering
  • Traction Light On
  • Handbrake Light On
  • Pressure Sensor Faults
  • Steering Light On
  • Speedo Not Working
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Faults
  • No Communication via OBD

If your ABS unit has failed, some dealers and workshops will advise on a new replacement part which will come with a 12 month warranty but the cost of new parts can be very expensive and will need programming at an additional cost. Second hand used ABS controllers are not recommended because they come with a limited 30-90 day warranty and being such a common failing part there is no real guarantee how long it will last – also the second hand used part will also require reprogramming at an additional cost.

Our Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS / ESP Pump Control Module Repair Service
Here at Sinspeed, we’re able to fully test and remanufacture this type of ABS pump. We offer a fast, efficient and an affordable repair solution using only new genuine OEM components to ensure that each and every rebuilt ABS module meets & exceeds OE specifications. All of our repaired ABS ECU’s come with a Lifetime warranty and will not require coding when refitting back to the vehicle. – Making our solution the preferred choice for garages and workshops around the world!

We also offer a professional diagnosis and fitting service if required.

If you have an ABS fault or have any queries, please call us on 0203 815 9441 and we’d be happy to assist you.

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8 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Bosch 5.3 ABS Pump Repair
  • Hello, I have a Bosch 5.3 ABS/ASR module fitted to my 2002 Maserati Coupé, my speedo isn’t working and my ASR light is on, there’s no other fault lights on – using a SD2 reader it brings up ASR not switched off by driver, ABS/ASR in passive control – any ideas?

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thank you for your enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with pricing and information regarding the repair solution we offer for the Bosch 5.3 ABS Module. Turnaround times are also stated in my email but if you do have any further questions please reply to the email and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

      Kind Regards


  • Good afternoon,
    We are a Ferrari dealership based in Swindon Wiltshire.
    We have a problem with an ATE/Teves hydraulic unit with a Blue ATE/Ferrari label 10.0300-0045.4 (and 137006 which would be the ferrari part number).
    Can you advise if you are able to repair this unit.
    There is a Flash code 26 for rear inlet solenoid valve stored in the ECU.
    I am unable to depressurise the system, nor get fluid to the back callipers out of the valve block

    • Hi Joe

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I’m happy to confirm we recognise this part number and have successfully tested & repaired this part. I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.
      If you have any questions, please reply to the email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

      Kind Regards


  • Hello

    We have a Ferrari ATE ABS Controller Unit which requires repair are you able to service this item 148838 10.0935-0060.4

    • Hello Jay

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing about your query.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi,
    I have an issue with my ferrari 360, ABS, ASR lights on, speedometer not working , brakes not efficient and wheel speed sensor faults unable to communicate /reset with oBD scanner. I have already tried repairing with myairbags in the USA who said they serviced the unit but still with the same faults. Plea se advice if you can resolve this . Does the complete unit need to be sent to you or just the ECU?
    Thks & regards

    • Hello Hiran

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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