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Fiat 500 Electric Power Steering (EPS) Column Repairs

Fiat 500 Electric Power Steering (EPS) Column RepairsFiat 500 Electric Power Steering Common Problems
The Fiat 500 is manufactured with an Electric Power Steering (EPS) system which greatly improves the handling and efficiency of the vehicle when compared to a conventional hydraulic steering system. Although it has proven to be a great improvement to vehicle steering systems, especially with units being much simpler to manufacture and maintain, the electronic steering on this vehicle is prone to failure and we’re taking enquiries for this part on a daily basis.

Fiat 500 Electric Steering Column RepairsFiat 500 EPS Column – Common Faults
Has your vehicle been suffering from intermittent steering failures with the steering going heavy in either one or both directions? Or does your steering light come on frequently?

If this sounds familiar, then this may be due to a fault with your Electric Power Steering Column. If either of the above faults occur, causing the steering light to remain permanently on the dash, this means the electric power steering has completely failed and the steering will become heavy wit no power assistance and will need to be either repaired or replaced.

When taken to a garage, they will more than likely plug-in diagnostic equipment through the OBD port, and the following fault codes may be highlighted:

C1001 – Rear Left External Sensor
C1002 – Steering Column Torque Position

If the EPS column has completely failed, you could go to the main dealer for a replacement, but the cost of this could be in excess of £800 + VAT (plus labour + programming), and will only come with a 12-month warranty. If you take it to your local garage, they will more than likely do a quick search online for a replacement second-hand unit, which if you’ve already checked, you will realise that it is considerably cheaper. However, problems with this unit could arise later as you will be unaware of previous vehicle usage and the number of miles that were covered with that part. This part will also only generally come with a 30-90 day limited warranty, therefore, you will have no guarantee whether the part will last beyond this period.

My Fiat 500 Electric Steering Column Is Faulty – How Can Sinspeed Help?

So you’re probably wondering at this point – how can Sinspeed help me? We carry units in stock as a direct replacement for your old part which are set to self-calibrate when fitted to your vehicle and will not require coding. Not only this, but they also come with a Lifetime Warranty!

We also offer a repair service, where we can remanufacture your own Electric Power Steering Column unit, and this is done using only genuine OEM components to ensure that it meets and exceeds OE specifications. Again, all our repaired and exchanged electric steering columns will come with a lifetime warranty and will not require any coding.

The list below is of the most common part numbers found fitted to Fiat 500’s and is not a complete list. If you find it is not listed on there, let us know and we’ll check for you!

ModelPart NumberPriceFittingWarranty
Fiat 500735451731£PAO£PAOLifetime
Fiat 500735451737£PAO£PAOLifetime
Fiat 500735501075£PAO£PAOLifetime
Fiat 500735501077£PAO£PAOLifetime
Fiat 500735541058£PAO£PAOLifetime

Contact us today on 0203 815 9441 if your Fiat 500 Electric Power Steering Column is faulty, for a free quote and diagnosis!

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