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Ford Fiesta / Focus / Mondeo Diesel Pump EDC Repairs

Bosch VP44 (PSG5) Diesel Pump ProblemsFord Fiesta / Focus / Mondeo Diesel Pump EDC Repairs
The Bosch VP44 (PSG5) Diesel Pump is a very common failing part and found fitted to a variety of vehicles including the Ford range of Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo’s manufactured between 2000 and 2005. This particular design has the Diesel Pump ECU / EDC (Electronic Diesel Control Unit) mounted to the top of the hydraulic / mechanical diesel pump unit.

Inside the EDC Bosch is using hybrid technology to control the pressure and flow of the diesel pump but with it being mounted to the top of the mechanical unit it is subjected to heat and vibration which are too common known causes of premature failure for internal components.

Common EDC Failure Problems / Symptoms
The EDC can fail in many ways and the fault symptoms can vary quite a bit from having just the engine light illuminated on the dashboard to breaking down and having a complete non-starter. Below we’ve listed some of the common faults we’ve seen from customers sending EDC units in for repair.

  • Struggling to Start
  • Non-Starter
  • Engine Light On
  • Loss of Power
  • Running Rough
  • Stored Fault Codes

If your Diesel Pump EDC has failed then your local dealer will probably be quoting you for a very expensive replacement of the complete unit with additional costs for labour and coding / programming. This is because the EDC unit is not available to purchase as a separate part to the Diesel Pump. The new replacement part will require coding and will only come with a limited 12 month warranty. The alternative option would be to replace your diesel pump with a second-hand used part for much less but the unit will come with a limited 30-90 day warranty and also require coding / programming.

Bosch VP44 EDC ProblemsOur Ford Diesel Pump EDC Repair Service
We are able to fully bench test + repair the Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump Controller (EDC). We use new genuine OEM components when rebuilding the Diesel Pump EDC to ensure each and every EDC Repair unit meets & exceeds OE specifications. Our rebuilt EDC units are fully plug & play, meaning no coding / programming is required and all remanufactured units come completed with our LIFETIME warranty.

Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump RebuildsNote: The Bosch VP44 Electronic Diesel Control unit uses hybrid technology and can be damaged very easily so it is advised NOT to try a DIY repair. These units should only be opened by experienced specialists with extensive knowledge in hybrid EDC technology.

Removing the EDC unit can be very involved and we do offer a professional fitting service at our Diesel Pump Repair Workshop if required. Below is an application list which shows all the known vehicles fitted with this part and part numbers associated with this part. If you’re vehicle is not listed or you’re unsure, give us a call on 0203 815 9441.

MakeModelEngineFromToBosch Part Number
AudiA62.5 TDi06/0105/040470 506 030
AudiA6 Avant2.5 TDi06/0108/050470 506 030
AudiA42.5 TDi04/0106/040470 504 030
AudiA4 Cabriolet2.5 TDi08/0205/050470 506 030
AudiA4 Avant2.5 TDi09/0112/040470 506 030
AudiA42.5 TDi08/9706/000470 506 002
AudiA4 Avant2.5 TDi11/9706/000470 506 002
AudiA4 Avant Quattro2.5 TDi11/9706/000470 506 002
AudiA62.5 TDi04/9705/000470 506 002
AudiA6 Avant2.5 TDi02/9805/000470 506 002
AudiA6 Avant Quattro2.5 TDi02/9805/000470 506 002
AudiA82.5 TDi06/9704/000470 506 002
AudiA8 Quattro2.5 TDi06/9706/000470 506 002
BMW320D2.0 D199820010470 504 005
BMW320D Touring2.0 D199920010470 504 005
BMW520D2.0 D02/0006/030470 504 020 (A)
FordFiesta Courier1.8 TD02/200012/20020470 004 007
FordFiesta1.8 TD02/200012/20020470 004 007
FordFocus1.8 TDDi01/199905/20050470 004 007
FordFocus1.8 TDDi01/199905/20050470 004 002
FordFocus Turnier1.8 TDDi08/199905/20050470 004 007
FordMondeo2.0 TDDi10/200008/20020470 504 021
FordMondeo2.0 TDDi10/200008/20020470 504 024
FordSedan1.8 Turbo09/200009/20000470 004 007
FordTransit Connect1.8 D05/200205/20020470 004 008
FordTourneo Connect1.8 D05/20020470 004 008 (VP30)
FordTransit 2402.0L D200020060470 004 004/012
FordTransit 2602.0L D200020060470 004 004/012
NissanAlmera2.2 Di03/0008/010470 504 012
NissanPatrol3.0 Di03/9908/010470 504 022
NissanTerrano03/9908/010470 506 025
SkodaSuperb2.5 TDi12/0108/030470 506 030
Saab9-3 16V Turbo Diesel2.2 TiD199820020470 504 004
Saab9-52.2 TiD03/9908/010470 504 004
Saab9-53.0 TiD03/9908/010470 504 004
SuzukiGrand Vitara2.0 D07/9905/03
Rover2202.0 SDi199520000470 004 005
Rover252.0 iDT200020050470 004 005
Rover252.0 iDT200320050470 004 005
Rover4202.0 SDi199520000470 004 005
Rover452.0 iDT200020050470 004 005
Rover452.0 iDT200320050470 004 005
VauxhallAstra2.0 DTL03/199808/20000470 504 003
VauxhallAstra2.0 DTL09/200008/20050470 504 003
VauxhallAstra1.7 DT03/199808/20050470 004 003
VauxhallCombo1.7 Di03/9808/000470 504 003
VauxhallCombo1.7 DTi03/9808/000470 504 003
VauxhallCorsa1.7 Di03/9808/000470 504 003
VauxhallCorsa1.7 DTi03/9808/000470 504 003
VauxhallFrontera2.2 DTi09/199809/20040470 504 009
VauxhallMeriva1.7 DTi03/9808/000470 504 003
VauxhallOmega2.0 DTi09/9708/000470 504 011
VauxhallOmega2.2 DTi06/000470 504 016
VauxhallOmega2.0 DTi09/9708/000470 504 009
VauxhallSignum2.0 D03/9908/000470 504 011
VauxhallSignum2.0 D09/0008/010470 504 016
VauxhallSintra09/9709/990470 504 009
VauxhallVectra2.0 DTi09/9708/000470 504 004
VauxhallVectra Estate2.0 DTi09/0008/010470 504 004
VauxhallVectra2.2 DTi09/0008/010470 504 016
VauxhallZafira2.0 Di10/9908/000470 504 003
VauxhallZafira2.0 DTi09/0007/050470 504 003
Volkswagen (VW)Passat2.5 TDi V610/9805/030470 506 002
Volkswagen (VW)Passat2.5 TDi V607/9905/030470 506 002
Volkswagen (VW)Passat2.5 TDi V607/9805/030470 506 002
MakeModelEngineFromToBosch Part Number

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  • Need a focus 1.8 66kw tddi fuel pumpo. Can help my I want to start repair:)

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  • I have a focus tddi 66kw which is showing codes for the pump ecd. How much to repair this?

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  • Hi there how much for EDC repair
    I can remove it and send it also

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  • also looking at how much for EDC repair & possibly a new pump but all the error codes point to EDC

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