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Jaguar S-Type 2.7D Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs

Jaguar Turbo Actuator FaultsJaguar S-Type Electronic Turbo Actuator Faults
The Jaguar S-Type 2.7D from 2004 – 2008 is fitted with an electronic turbo actuator which is controlled by the Engine ECU. The electronic turbo actuator regulates the output of the turbo and when tuned correctly can greatly improve the power, performance and economy of the vehicle by reducing the turbo spool up time and increasing boost pressure. The electronic actuator when faulty can also cause a loss of power, smoking problems and other issues – it can turn into a very costly repair as well.

Some of the common problems relating to a failed turbo actuator can include the following:

  • Loss of power under acceleration
  • Intermittent loss of power under acceleration
  • Smoking on acceleration
  • Fault codes pointing to turbo actuator
  • “Charge Air Pressure Control” fault
  • Actuator arm not moving
  • Limp mode
  • Flashing glow plug light

Jaguar Turbo Actuator FaultsWhen your Jaguar S-Type electric turbo actuator fails your local dealer will recommend replacing the complete turbocharger + actuator together as the actuator is not sold as a separate component. This can be very costly, you can expect a bill upwards of £1200 for the replacement parts plus labour and the new part will only come with a standard 12 month warranty. The alternative option can be to have your existing actuator remanufactured by Sinspeed which is then returned to you with a Lifetime warranty.

Some of the common part numbers associated with this type of unit are shown below:

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

Jaguar S-Type Turbo Actuator Repairs – By Sinspeed
We’re able to fully test and remanufacture this type to turbo actuator. We offer a fast, efficient and an affordable repair solution using only new genuine OEM components to ensure that each and every rebuilt electronic turbo actuator meets & exceeds OE specifications. All of our repaired turbo actuators are returned with a Lifetime warranty and are fully plug & play which means they do not require any programming when refitting to the vehicle.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

For more information about our electronic turbo actuator testing and repair services, call us today on 0203 815 9441.

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