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Reconditioned Gearboxes Supplied & Fitted

Rebuilt GearboxesReconditioned Gearboxes – Repairs & Rebuilds
Manual gearbox faults are very common and can become a problem on any vehicle. Some vehicles are known for their weak gearboxes such as the BMW Mini with the Midland Gearbox or the Fiat Punto 1.2l 5-Speed gearbox. Here at Sinspeed, we offer reconditioned gearboxes that can be supplied and fitted as an alternative yet more affordable solution to replacing your gearbox which as you know, can be very costly!

We have been rebuilding gearboxes in-house for over 30 years and have a team of 6 gearbox engineers with a combined experience of over 80 years. We recondition gearboxes for trade garages, dealerships and retail customers and have reconditioned all types of gearboxes, from the earlier 4-Gear (with/without overdrive), to more modern day gearboxes like the 5-Gear, 6-Gear and Semi-Automatic gearboxes. We even rebuild commercial gearboxes for vans and LGV’s.

When rebuilding your gearbox we don’t just change a few seals and send it back out. We perform an extensive 7-stage rebuild which includes two very thorough inspections before and after any repairs to confirm every reconditioned gearbox meets our stringent standards before leaving the workshop.

Common Gearbox Faults:

  • Not Going Into Gear
  • Stuck In Gear
  • Whining / Grinding / Crunching Noise
  • Loss Of Power
  • Jerking Between Gears
  • Won’t Go Into Reverse Gear
  • Gear Problems When Cold
  • Gear Problems When Hot

Gearbox Rebuild ServicesWhen your manual gearbox develops a fault, you may be advised to replace the gearbox instead of a repair. A main dealer for example would not offer a repair or rebuild service for your gearbox and a new replacement can be very expensive. If you’re looking at replacing your gearbox with a new part, you could be expected to pay upwards of £1200+ plus labour. New replacement gearboxes come with a limited 12 month warranty from dealers and a second-hand part will come with a limited 30-90 day warranty.

Replacing the gearbox for a used part is false economy. The second-hand gearbox would come with a limited warranty and if it has a known common fault, then you would be waiting for the second-hand box to fail as well just the same. The second-hand gearbox may have been removed from a high-mileage or front-accident vehicle and could fail sooner then you’d hope.

Gearbox Faults RepairedSinspeed Gearbox Repair / Reconditioning Services
We offer an affordable and efficient gearbox repair and rebuild service. We use new genuine OEM components when rebuilding gearboxes to ensure that each and every rebuilt gearbox meets and exceeds OE specifications. All of our reconditioned gearboxes come with a 2 year (unlimited mileage) warranty and free professional fitting at our workshop.

Our typical turnaround time for a gearbox repair is 24-hours and we also offer same-day rebuild services for some manual gearboxes if required. If you think you have a gearbox fault but you’re not 100% sure, we do offer diagnostic services for both trade and retail customers.

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  • I have peugeoet 308 sw Manuel 5 speed gearbox Gy58lcc and has started jumping out of 5th gear

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  • Looking for a gearbox refurb on a focus st 6 speed manual 2.5 volvo box i Believe it crunches and as ive changed the oil its full of metal

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