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Mitsubishi Colt Clutch / Gear Actuator Repairs

Mitsubishi Colt Clutch Actuator FaultsDoes your Mitsubishi Colt slip out of gears when driving or fail to even select any gears? Or does it sometimes get stuck in neutral? If so, this may be due to a failed Clutch or Gear Actuator.

The Mitsubishi Colt is equipped with an automated manual gearbox which allows it to interchange between manual or automatic at a flick of a button, which is unlike any normal 5 or 6-speed automatics. It operates on sensors and ECU’s which means it does not require a clutch pedal.

The three main components that consist within this type of gearbox include the clutch actuator assembly, a gear shift actuator assembly and a gearbox ECU. Position sensors are placed within each actuator, which allows for signals to be sent back to the gearbox ECU to determine the position of the clutch as well as what gear the vehicle is in. The gearbox ECU then also uses this information as well as the vehicle’s speed and other parameters to calculate the required gear, when the next gear change should take place and when to engage / dis-engage the clutch.

Unfortunately, as many Mitsubishi Colt owners are most likely aware of – this design has been diagnosed with faults that have caused the vehicle to sometimes be left completely immobile!

Common Clutch + Gear Actuator Problems
The most common signs to look out for when diagnosing a faulty clutch or gear actuator on your Mitsubishi Colt are listed below:

  • Slips Out of Gears
  • Gets Stuck In Neutral
  • Fails to Select Gears

The list above is just some of the common issues that have been diagnosed within our workshop on a daily basis.

Being such a common fault, it is likely you have either a clutch or gear actuator fault and in some cases, it is possible that both actuators have failed together. If you have contacted main dealers already, you will be aware that the price to replace the whole unit can cost in the region of £700 + VAT, which will increase as each actuator will need re-coding to the vehicle. Furthermore, if you opt to replace your unit it will only come with 12 months warranty, and as it is known to be such a common failing part, there is no guarantee that it will not fail again.

My Mitsubishi Colt Actuator is Faulty – How can SINSPEED Help Me?
We specialise in testing and repairing gear  + clutch actuators for the Mitsubishi Colt as well as many other vehicles makes and models where electronic actuators control the vehicle’s gearbox. We can fully bench test and repair your Mitsubishi Colt Gear + Clutch actuator using genuine OEM parts are used when repairing the actuators, to ensure that every repaired clutch / gear actuator meets and exceeds OE specifications.

Actuators that are repaired by Sinspeed will  not require re-coding when fitting back to your vehicle and for a complete peace of mind – will also come with Lifetime Warranty!

If you have a Mitsubishi Colt with a clutch or gear actuator fault then give us a call today on 0844 847 9999 or alternatively send us a quick message here.

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  • Hi i know you deal with the Mitsubishi colt 1.5 desial semi automatic i have just had a diagnostic on it and it’s come back with it needing a clutch actuator and glow plugs also a oil pressure sensor how much are they and do you send your parts out Thanks

    • Hello Zoe

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

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  • Hi I have a mitsubishi colt form 2007 1.3 AMT and i have a issue with 2 gear.
    what would be defective gearbox or the accuator?
    how much would the repair/parts cost?
    thanks you in advance!!!

    • Hello Dan

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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