03 Nov, 15

Saab 9-3 / 9-5 Bosch VP44 (PSG5) Diesel Pump EDC Repairs

Saab Bosch VP44 PSG5 Diesel Pump FaultsSaab 9-3 / 9-5 Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump EDC Repairs
The Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump (PSG5) is fitted to both the Saab 9-3 as well as the Saab 9-5, and is know to be a very common failing part. Due to the Hybrid technology behind the design of the Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump we have found the unit will fail in very specific ways which will make the vehicle cut out and not start.

Sinspeed Saab 9-3 / 9-5 Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump Common Problems
The most common fault of a failed EDC unit is the vehicle not starting, however other common faults also include:

  • Running Rough
  • Stored Fault Codes
  • Engine Light On
  • Loss of Power
  • Struggling To Start
  • Complete Non-Starter

If you find any of the above symptoms with your Diesel Pump EDC and you have taken it the local dealer, you will more than likely find that the quote is very expensive for a whole replacement unit, as the EDC unit is generally not available to purchase as a separate part to the diesel pump. The costs further increase if you also add labour as well as coding / programming costs and it will only come with 12 months warranty. Other options include replacing your diesel pump with a second hand unit, however this means that the unit would only come with a limited 60-90 day warranty and would also require programming at an extra cost.

Saab 9-3 / 9-5 Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump Testing
These units are taken in on a daily basis for testing and repairs. Each unit is put through extensive tests on our latest diesel pump test rig, which allows us to communicate directly with the EDC unit to test all functions of the electronic diesel pump, and after repairing many of these failed units, we have concluded that there is a fault within the Electronic Diesel Control Unit (EDC) and not in the mechanical part of the diesel pump. By carrying out a soak test on all units we can identify not only the most common faults, but also highlight any intermittent faults.

Saab Bosch VP44 EDC ReplacementOur Bosch VP44 Diesel Pump EDC Repair Service
Here at Sinspeed, when we carry out the repair on your Electronic Diesel Pump, we use only new and genuine OEM components and we also uprate any of the components that are the cause for the initial failure. This allows each and every Bosch VP44 diesel pump to be rebuilt to the highest standards whilst meeting and exceeding OE specifications. The current turnaround time is 3 – 5 working days and no programming will be required when fitting it back to your vehicle. All rebuilt Bosch VP44 diesel pumps also come with our Lifetime Warranty.

Note: The Bosch VP44 Electronic Diesel Control unit uses hybrid technology and can be damaged very easily so it is advised NOT to try a DIY repair. These units should only be opened by experienced specialists with extensive knowledge in hybrid EDC technology.

Removing the EDC unit can be very involved and we do offer a professional fitting service at our Diesel Pump Repair Workshop if required. Below is an application list which shows all the known vehicles fitted with this part and part numbers associated with this part. If you’re vehicle is not listed or you’re unsure, give us a call on 0203 815 9441.

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