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Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioning (Aircon) Compressor – Volkswagen

Volkswagen Sanden PXE16 Aircon Compressor Not WorkingAir Conditioning Compressor Issues
The air conditioning unit on various Volkswagens have been known to commonly fail. The Sanden PXE16 air conditioning compressor (aircon pump) is fitted to many of the Volkswagen cars, and many customers have complained that when it fails, there is rarely any warnings whether that be on the dashboard, or any change to the sound of the engine. They have noticed the fault only when they go to turn on the aircon and realise that there is no cold air coming through the vents.

Reason For Common Pump Failure
Having investigated many faulty Sanden PXE16 air conditioning compressor units, we have concluded that the main reason for the failure of this particular unit is due to lack of lubrication within the mechanical unit and that is it most likely down to a manufacturing defect. This is due to the fact the aircon pumps rarely just fail, there is always a root cause as to why it would just stop working, and in this case, it has proved to a be very costly manufactured defect. Although many dealers have now acknowledged this fault, it is still questionable whether they will replace it under the extended warranty in goodwill.

When an air conditioning unit lacks lubrication, it eventually causes metal fatigue. Over time, this results in the compressor shaft snapping, but unfortunately, if this is not rectified immediately, it then leads to further issues within the pump. The rubbing of the broken shaft causes very fine particles, known as swarf, to break off and get within the whole air conditioning system and causing the pipes, valves and the filters to block up.

Also, due to the nature of the air conditioning compressor failure, it is not as easy as replacing the pump and refilling the aircon gas. The aircon expansion valve (TXV Valve) and dryer unit will also need to be replaced due to it being blocked up from the swarf. The air conditioning system would then also need to be flushed for at least 4 hours to ensure that the swarf residue is removed before fitting the new parts.

Get Your New Replacement Compressor Unit – From Sinspeed!
Due to the number of air conditioning failures received for Volkswagens, we are pleased to inform you that we now hold the latest superseded genuine Sanden air conditioning compressors in stock! To fit a brand new replacement compressors will work out to be very expensive. Here at Sinspeed, we offer replacement aircon pumps at trade prices and can also supply the TXV expansion valves and dryer units if required. These units do not carry this design fault and are a direct replacement (direct fitment) for your vehicle. Both new and refurbished aircon pumps are available in stock but we also have high quality aftermarket units which meet OE specification.

Our replacement units will be a direct fit for the following part numbers:

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

You may find that your original unit is made by Sanden / Zexel or Denso but don’t worry, our replacement part will definitely fit all the part numbers listed above. If your part number is not listed or you’re unsure then call us on 0203 815 9441 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Below is a list of vehicles this part will fit. Don’t worry if your vehicle is not listed, we carry over 1000 different types of air conditioning compressors so if you’re unsure, give us a call on 0203 815 9441 and we’ll be happy to assist you. Professional fitting services available.

VWBeetle1.2 TSi12/2012Petrol5C7 Convertible
VWBeetle1.4 TSi12/2012Petrol5C1
VWBeetle1.6 TDi10/2011Diesel5C1
VWBeetle1.6 TDi12/2012Diesel5C7 Convertible
VWBeetle2.0 TDi10/2011Diesel5C1
VWBeetle2.0 TDi12/2012Diesel5C7 Convertible
VWBeetle2.0 TSi10/2011Petrol5C1
VWBeetle2.0 TSi12/2012Petrol5C1
VWCaddy1.2 TSi09/2010PetrolMK3
VWCaddy1.6 Bi Fuel05/2011PetrolMK3
VWCaddy1.6 TDi08/2010DieselMK3
VWCaddy1.9 SDi02/200405/2008DieselMK3
VWCaddy1.9 SDi06/2008DieselMK3
VWCaddy1.9 TDi PD02/200405/2008DieselMK3
VWCaddy1.9 TDi PD06/2008DieselMK3
VWCaddy2.0 ECOFUEL04/200605/2008PetrolMK3
VWCaddy2.0 ECOFUEL06/2008PetrolMK3
VWCaddy2.0 TDi12/2007DieselMK3
VWCaddy2.0 TDi PD02/200405/2008DieselMK3
VWCaddy2.0 TDi PD06/2008DieselMK3
VWCC1.8 TSi02/2012Petrol
VWCC2.0 TDi02/2012Diesel
VWCC2.0 TSi02/2012Petrol
VWCrafter2.0 TDi05/2011Diesel
VWCrafter2.5 TDi04/2006Diesel
VWEos1.4 16V05/2008Petrol
VWEos1.6 16V04/2006Petrol
VWEos2.0 FSi03/2006Petrol
VWEos2.0 FSI Turbo04/2006Petrol
VWEos2.0 TDi PD04/2006Petrol
VWEos3.2 V604/2006Petrol
VWEos3.6 V605/2009Petrol
VWGolf MK51.410/200310/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK51.610/200310/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK51.6 TDi10/200310/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK51.9 GTi TD10/200310/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK51.9 TDi10/200310/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK52.0 FSi10/200310/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK52.0 SDi10/200310/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK52.0 TDi10/200310/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK53.2 V610/200510/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK61.2 TFSi06/2011PetrolConvertible
VWGolf MK61.410/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK61.4 TFSi10/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK61.4 TFSi06/2011PetrolConvertible
VWGolf MK61.610/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK61.6 Multi Fuel10/2007Petrol
VWGolf MK61.6 TDi02/2009Diesel
VWGolf MK61.6 TDi06/2011DieselConvertible
VWGolf MK61.810/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK61.9 TDi06/2005Diesel
VWGolf MK62.0 TDi10/2008Diesel
VWGolf MK62.0 TDi06/2011DieselConvertible
VWGolf MK62.0 TFSi10/2008Petrol
VWGolf MK62.0 TFSi06/2011PetrolConvertible
VWJetta1.2 TSi02/2011PetrolMK4
VWJetta1.4 TSi02/2011PetrolMK4
VWJetta1.6 16V09/200510/2010PetrolMK3
VWJetta1.6 TDi06/200910/2010DieselMK3
VWJetta1.6 TDi02/2011DieselMK4
VWJetta1.6 TSi02/2011PetrolMK4
VWJetta1.9 TDi08/200510/2010DieselMK3
VWJetta2.0 FSi08/200510/2010PetrolMK3
VWJetta2.0 TDi09/200510/2010DieselMK3
VWJetta2.0 TDi10/2010DieselMK4
VWJetta2.0 Turbo09/200510/2010PetrolMK3
VWPassat1.4 FSi05/200711/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat1.6 FSi03/200511/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat1.6 TDi08/200911/2010Diesel3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat1.8 TSi05/200711/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat1.9 TDi03/200511/2010Diesel3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat2.0 FSi03/200511/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat2.0 TDi03/200511/2010Diesel3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat2.0 TDi Blue01/200911/2010Diesel3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat2.0 TFSi Turbo04/200511/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat3.2 V611/200511/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat3.6 V606/200511/2010Petrol3C2 / 3C5
VWPassat CC1.4 TSi06/2008Petrol
VWPassat CC1.8 TSi06/2008Petrol
VWPassat CC2.0 TDi06/2008Diesel
VWPassat CC2.0 TDi Blue05/2009Diesel
VWPassat CC2.0 TSi06/2008Petrol
VWPassat CC3.606/2008Petrol
VWPassat1.4 TSi08/201012/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat1.4 TSi12/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat1.4 TSi EcoFuel08/201012/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat1.4 TSi EcoFuel12/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat1.6 TDi08/201012/2011Diesel362 / 365
VWPassat1.6 TDi12/2011Diesel362 / 365
VWPassat1.8 TSi08/201012/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat1.8 TSi12/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat2.0 TDi08/201012/2011Diesel362 / 365
VWPassat2.0 TDi12/2011Diesel362 / 365
VWPassat2.0 TSi08/2010Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat3.6 TSi08/201012/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPassat3.6 TSi12/2011Petrol362 / 365
VWPolo 6R1.206/2009Petrol
VWPolo 6R1.2 TDi06/2009Diesel
VWPolo 6R1.406/2009Petrol
VWPolo 6R1.601/2010Petrol
VWScirocco1.4 TSi09/2008Petrol137
VWScirocco2.0 TDi09/2008Diesel137
VWScirocco2.0 TSi09/2008Petrol137
VWSharan1.4 TSi05/2010Petrol7N
VWSharan1.8 TSi05/2010Petrol7N
VWSharan2.0 TDi05/2010Diesel7N
VWSharan2.0 TSi12/2010Petrol7N
VWTiguan1.4 TSi06/2007Petrol
VWTiguan2.0 FSi06/2007Petrol
VWTiguan2.0 TDi PD06/2007Diesel
VWTiguan2.0 TDi11/2012Diesel
VWTiguan2.0 TFSi06/2007Petrol
VWTouran1.6 FSi02/200311/2007Petrol
VWTouran1.6 TDi05/2010Diesel
VWTouran1.9 TDi02/200305/2008Diesel
VWTouran1.9 TDi06/2008Diesel
VWTouran1.9 TSE Diesel01/200611/2006Diesel
VWTouran2.0 FSi07/200306/2008Petrol
VWTouran2.0 FSi06/2008Petrol
VWTouran2.0 TDi05/2010Diesel
VWTouran2.0 TDi PD02/200306/2008Diesel
VWTouran2.0 TDi PD06/2008Diesel
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