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Skoda Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve EGR Delete Service

Skoda EGR Valve RemovalsSkoda EGR Valve Faults & Problems
Modern Skoda’s have an EGR valve fitted to the exhaust, which is in place to allow exhaust gasses to recirculate into the engine to be re-burnt before being released into the atmosphere. This is to reduce harmful vehicle emissions, however, this process can lead up to carbon build-up in the inlet manifold which in time can cause problems to the vehicle such as loss of power, drop in fuel economy as well as your vehicle going into “Limp Mode”.

Skoda EGR Valve Common Problems
Some of the most common problems found with a blocked or failed EGR valve includes:

  • Smoke on Acceleration
  • EGR Flap Position Sensor Faults
  • Loss of Power
  • Missfire
  • Fluttering on Acceleration

A lot of garages offer the option of getting the EGR blanked off, and when initially done, it gives excellent gains in power as well as better throttle response. Eventually, further problems start to occur likes loss in power again as well as loss in mpg, poor throttle response and sluggish in low rpm.

Although blanking the EGR ensures that no gasses recirculate back into the inlet manifold and the engine, the ECU continues to calculate how much diesel is required at each cycle with the EGR flow INCLUDED in its calculations. In order to experience the full benefits of having an EGR removed, the EGR needs to be deleted from the ECU which will then instruct the EGR valve to remain shut at all times. The ECU will then calculate the correct amount of diesel to be released with each injection cycle and this will then allow the vehicle to run at it maximum potential and you will experience the true benefits of having it removed.

Skoda Blocked EGR ValveSkoda EGR Delete Service by Sinspeed
Our EGR delete service is completely bespoke and safe, and we do not need to remove the ECU from the vehicle. We are able to log into the vehicles on-board engine management system and program the EGR to stay off at all times. And by doing this, it will ensure that gasses no longer recirculate into the engine to be re-burnt, therefore, carbon build up will no longer be an issue and neither will your vehicle experience any further EGR related problems!

We have compiled a list below of all the Seat models that we offer an EGR Deactivation Service for. Let us know if your vehicle is not listed below on 0203 815 9441, and we will be more than happy to confirm for you.

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  • Hi i have problem with my egr valve SKODA ACTOVIA 1.6 disel .i jast want to know how much cost me to be delete?

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