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Suzuki Common ABS Pump (ESP Fault) – Brake Pressure Sensor Switch Failure

Suzuki C1028 Brake Pressure Sensor RepairSuzuki Brake Pressure Sensor Problems
The MK60 ATE Teves ABS pump is fitted to a wide variety of vehicles from all makes of manufacture and includes the Suzuki group vehicles. This type of ABS pump has an internal brake pressure sensor manufactured inside the unit is commonly known for it’s pressure sensor fault and is very expensive to replace. Earlier ABS pumps never had this fault because the pressure sensor was never before fitted inside the ABS pump – but these new type of ABS units are failing all day long and it’s a major design fault with all internal pressure sensor units.

How To Detect The Suzuki Brake Pressure Sensor Fault
When the pressure sensor has failed on the Suzuki ABS system, the traction control light will be illuminated and sometimes the ABS light as well. The traction control (ESP) button may also be illuminated and pressing the button will have no affect.

Common DTC Fault Code Associated With This Fault
C1028 – Brake pressure Sensor Circuit defective. – Present.

Common Suzuki Vehicles Affected With The Pressure Sensor Faults
Below we have compiled a short list of vehicles we have found fitted with the MK60 ATE ABS pump from our own experiences of units being sent in to our workshops on a daily basis for rebuilds and exchange.

Suzuki Grand VitaraSuzuki SplashSuzuki SwiftSuzuki Vitara

Common Suzuki ABS Part Numbers Affected
Below are the most common part numbers coming in every day to our workshop. We receive 100’s of units from all makes of vehicles each week for repair and replacement so don’t worry if your part number is not listed.


If your Suzuki has the dreaded Brake Pressure Sensor fault then you probably already have had a scary quote from a dealer of £1200+. Even second hand used parts are not cheap and require additional coding / programming. Neither of these options are recommended because it doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem and you will be just waiting on the day for it to fail again.

My Brake Pressure Sensor Has Fail – How Can SINSPEED Help Me?
Instead of just replacing the unit with a like-for-like part or repairing the ABS with a standard like-for-like pressure sensor as most workshops are currently offering. Sinspeed will take your unit and modify it to ensure never again over heats and then replace the pressure sensor with an uprated component. The uprated pressure sensor is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and all components used by Sinspeed during the remanufacturing process are brand new OEM quality parts to ensure that each & every rebuilt ABS pump meets and exceeds OE specifications.

All of our rebuilt ABS units come with a Lifetime warranty and will not require programming. Our ABS pumps are self calibrating – making them fully plug & play!

Why Modify The Unit? – Why Not Just Replace The Damaged Part?
All cars prior to the MK60 ATE ABS unit had the pressure sensor fitted externally and never failed.

If we fit a standard part inside the pump it will still have the design fault it was manufactured with and although we can put a warranty on the unit and replace the sensor each time it fails (because they are cheap as chips to buy) you will still be left inconvenienced by having to remove the unit each time it fails and pay for the labour each time. We rework the original design and ensure that our modified units are rebuilt to last.

There have been rumours of people and/or companies trying to repair these units and in some cases imitate our work. Please understand that although the ESP system is not absolutely crucial, modifying the ABS controller / pump in any way (without superior extensive knowledge) in the technology of advanced braking systems and electronic control modules, you will be risking the life of others. Please do not attempt to repair these units yourself and please do not offer such services to trade or the general public. We have been in business since 1972 as a group company and all our parts, services are fully tested before leaving the workshop. All units are thoroughly tested on specific specialist equipment to ensure maximum quality. Our ESP Fault Modifications come fully approved and as far as we’re aware, there is no other company out there that can successfully repair these units and completely remove the defective state.

If you have a vehicle with the Brake Pressure Sensor ESP Fault then give us a call on 0203 815 9441.

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  • Oh!! bTW the part number for my esp/abs unit is
    56110-79KBO 79KB2
    made in mexico
    the above numbers are on the plastic box.
    theses numbers are on the round part
    77KO b

    vin number of vehicle is

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