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Vauxhall / Opel Common ABS Pump (ESP Fault) – Brake Pressure Sensor Switch Failure

Vauxhall Brake Pressure Sensor ProblemsVauxhall / Opel Brake Pressure Sensor – ESP Fault
If you have a modern Vauxhall built after 2004 then there is a good chance your vehicle is fitted with the common failing MK60 ATE ABS pump. Earlier vehicles would have an early version of the ABS pump where the Brake Pressure Sensor is mounted externally either on the side of the ABS pump, side of the brake master cylinder, on the brake servo or along the feed pipe between the master cylinder and ABS pump itself. However, the MK60 ATE ABS pump is manufactured with the brake pressure sensor installed internally and is such a common failure that we are seeing several of these units in our workshop daily for repair and exchange.

How To Detect A Brake Pressure Sensor Failure / ESP Fault?
When the brake pressure sensor has failed, the fault symptoms can vary from vehicle to vehicle but generally speaking you will have the ESP / Traction light illuminated on the dash. The traction light will be the yellow car with skid marks below it. You may also have the ABS light and handbrake light illuminated on the dash and if you have an ESP button, the light on the button may be illuminated and pressing the button will have no affect.

Common DTC Fault Code Associated With This Fault
C0131 – Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction (00) – Present.

Common Vauxhalls Affected By The Brake Pressure Sensor Fault
This is an industry-wide fault which affects almost all makes of vehicles as almost all of them are being fitted with this type of ABS pump unit. Below you can see a short list of Vauxhalls which we have found to be affected by the common Brake Pressure Sensor ESP Fault.

Common VehiclesCommon VehiclesCommon VehiclesCommon Vehicles
Vauxhall AstraVauxhall OmegaVauxhall VectraVauxhall Zafira

Common Vauxhall ABS Pump Part Numbers Affected
There will be 100s of part numbers affected by this common type of failure and below we have listed the most common part numbers which are flagging up each week from units being sent in to us. Don’t worry if you’re part number isn’t listed, we can repair all of them but if you’re unsure, give us a call on 0203 815 9441 with your part number to confirm.

13213610 AL10.0206-0206.4
13213608 AJ10.0206-0208.4
13244860 BJ10.0206-0287.4
13246535 BL10.0206-0290.4
13246537 BN10.0206-0292.4

If you have a brake pressure sensor fault then chances are your local dealer will advise on a brand new replacement part at a very high cost. The new replacement part will also require coding / programming at an additional cost and come with a limited 12 month warranty. This new part will be a like-for-like part which will have the same design fault as the original unit in your vehicle – so you can expect it will fail again in the future.

Most workshops may even advise replacing the unit with a cheap second-hand used part but that will also require coding / programming at additional costs and come with a limited 30-90 day warranty.

I Have This Fault – What Are My Options With SINSPEED?
We offer a great alternative by offering to repair / exchange your faulty ABS pump with our superseded redesigned units which are being offered with modified pressure sensors. The units we offer are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the vehicle (as they should) and that is why we offer them with a LIFETIME warranty. The best part is our units will NOT require any coding or programming.

We also offer a professional diagnosis and fitting service if required.

Why Modify The Unit? – Why Not Just Replace The Damaged Part?
All other cars without the MK60 ATE ABS Control Module have the Brake Pressure Sensor fitted externally to the ABS Pump and guess what, they never fail!

Fitting the Brake Pressure Sensor inside in the ABS Pump internally is a new space-saving idea which has obviously gone horribly wrong because almost all makes of vehicles worldwide affected by the common failing internal sensor. Dealerships are yet to recover fully from the outbreak of failing units and no modification has yet been officially released. Replacing the sensor with a like-for-like part may fix the fault temporarily but it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem and you can be sure the fault will come back. In order to safe-guard the future of your ABS unit and efficiently repair the unit, we have modified the ABS pump to match it’s predecessors and fitted an external pressure sensor. If the external pressure sensor ever did fail in future for whatever reason, it would be easy enough to buy a sensor and replace it – not having to replace your entire ABS pump each time.

There have been rumours of people and/or companies trying to repair these units and in some cases imitate our work. Please understand that although the ESP system is not absolutely crucial, modifying the ABS controller / pump in any way (without superior extensive knowledge) in the technology of advanced braking systems and electronic control modules, you will be risking the life of others. Please do not attempt to repair these units yourself and please do not offer such services to trade or the general public. We have been in business since 1972 as a group company and all our parts, services are fully tested before leaving the workshop. All units are thoroughly tested on specific specialist equipment to ensure maximum quality. Our ESP Fault Modifications come fully approved and as far as we’re aware, there is no other company out there that can successfully repair these units and completely remove the defective state.

If you have a vehicle with the Brake Pressure Sensor ESP Fault then give us a call on 0203 815 9441.

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