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Common ABS (ESP) Fault – Brake Pressure Sender / Sensor Switch Failure – Audi / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Seat / Skoda & Volkswagen

The Famous Brake Pressure Sensor ABS Fault

The ABS Pump control module is a very common fault for owners of VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s & Seat’s but also all other makes including Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda and BMW. All suffer with the common ESP system fault. The fault is detected by having the ESP light illuminated on the Dashboard Speedo and also the “ESP OFF” switch will be illuminated too. Pressing the “ESP OFF” switch will have no effect. If you’ve had this problem, you would have most likely taken the vehicle to your local garage where they’d plug it onto a diagnostics machine and find the following common fault code: “01435 Brake Pressure Sensor 1 (G201)” or it would have given you the following fault description: Brake Pressure Sensor or Brake Pressure Sender.

If you had your vehicle in with the main dealers then you would have been told that you need to replace the ABS Pump Control Module. In fact, almost any garage you go to will tell you the same thing. A replacement ABS unit for your vehicle would be in the regions of £1000 – £1500 (+Vat) and that’s not including Labour. Luckily for you, we can repair these units for a fraction of the cost and could potentially save you a lot of money. What’s more, we now offer a full LIFETIME warranty on the replacement / remanufactured parts giving you complete peace of mind.

Most Common Vehicles Affected

Audi A2
Audi A3
Audi A4
BMW 1 Series
BMW 3 Series
Citroen C2
Citroen C3
Ford Focus
Ford C-Max
Honda Accord
Honda CRV
Lexus IS200
Lexus IS300
Mazda 3
Mitsubishi Outlander
Opel Astra
Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 207
Renault Laguna II
Seat Leon
Seat Altea
Seat Toleda
Skoda Octavia
Suzuki Splash
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Suzuki Vitara
Toyota Celica
Toyota Colorado
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota MR2
Toyota Rav4
Toyota Yaris
Vauxhall Astra
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Bora
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Tourag
Volkswagen Touran
Volvo C30
Volvo C70
Volvo S40
Volvo V50

What is ESP & Why Do I Need It?

Exchange Units Kept In Stock The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is an additional function to the commonly known ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) & TCS (Traction Control System). Many 2000+ VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s & Seat’s are fitted with the ESP system. ABS prevents the wheels locking up under harsh braking / emergency braking, TCS will prevent the wheels from spinning when accelerating hard. ESP is much more advanced and is constantly working, calculating every corner you take to ensure you’re safety. The ESP system will use accelerometer sensors around the vehicle, to detect when the vehicle is likely to loose traction whilst cornering or sudden turning to avoid a collision at speed. If there is excessive longitudinal or lateral acceleration/deceleration it will be detected & by sudden steering at speed, the ESP system will instantly apply the brake to one of the opposing wheels, preventing excessive lateral movement that causes loss of traction to the road and loss of driver control of the vehicle.

Why You Should Choose Sinspeed To Replace / Remanufacture Your ABS unit

The ABS pump will have failed due to a manufacturing defect and replacing it with a new unit or even a second hand one does not necessarily prevent this from happening again. In fact, if you was to replace it with a working second hand unit, then you will be waiting for the day for it to fail because they are all failing at one point or another. The problem is with the Internal Brake Pressure Sender Sensor Switch. Once this fails, the ESP system is no longer working. There are other companies that will simply replace this part and return it to you, but that will not prevent it from happening again in the future.

What we do is completely different. We bypass the original Brake Pressure Sensor Switch and fit our very own custom manufactured External Brake Pressure Sender Switch and calibrate it so that the manufacturing defect is no longer existing. This is the only way to completely remove all risks of the unit failing again and this is why we are confident enough to offer a full LIFETIME warranty on the unit.

Why Modify The Unit? – Why Not Just Replace The Damaged Part?

All other cars without the MK60 ATE ABS Control Module have the Brake Pressure Sensor fitted externally to the ABS Pump and guess what, they never fail!

Having the Brake Pressure Sender Sensor Switch fitted internally to the ABS Pump is a new space-saving idea which has gone terribly wrong and unfortunately dealerships are yet to recover from this outbreak of faulty units as they have not yet released a modification. Replacing the internal switch for another one will not permanently cure the problem as it will remain a manufacturing defective unit. In order to safe-guard the future of your ABS unit, you have to modify it to match it’s predecessors. All the older versions of the ABS units come without internal brake pressure switches and the ESP never failed because the switches were mounted externally. If something isn’t broken.. why try to fix it? The external switches were great and never failed, the internal brake pressure switch was a bad idea from the start.

There have been rumours of people and/or companies trying to repair these units and in some cases imitate our work. Please understand that although the ESP system is not absolutely crucial, modifying the ABS controller/pump in any way (without superior extensive knowledge) in the technology of advanced braking systems and electronic control modules, you will be risking the life of others. Please do not attempt to repair these units yourself and please do not offer such services to trade or the general public. We have been in business since 1972 as a group company and all our parts, services are fully tested before leaving the workshop. All units are thoroughly tested on specific specialist equipment to ensure maximum quality. Our ESP Fault Modifications come fully approved and as far as we’re aware, there is no other company out there that can successfully repair these units and completely remove the defective state.

Through a quick search online you will find a long list of reviews from happy customers that have had one of our parts fitted.

If you’ve got a car with a Brake Pressure Sensor fault relating to the ABS unit or have the ESP light lit up on your dash, then call us today and we’ll give you an instant quote. The number to call is 0203 815 9441.

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364 thoughts on “Common ABS (ESP) Fault – Brake Pressure Sender / Sensor Switch Failure – Audi / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Seat / Skoda & Volkswagen
  • Hello. I have a 2010 VW Touran & the traction control dashboard warning light is lit on amber. The fault code has been determined by a car electronics mechanic as 01435 – Brake Pressure Sensor Fault. Also I have a message on my screen saying ‘ the optical parking system is currently not available’ & the parking assistant button is flashing amber also. When I select reverse on the gearbox, there is a long beep & the above message appears again. My parking sensors do not beep when reversing however I have independently tested them by listening for clicking & feeling for slight vibration when touched lightly G they seem to be functional . The eSP button is not operational when pressed. when reverse has been selected. The traction control light remains on amber whilst driving. Normal driving feels normal although I haven’t tested the system by trying to do harsh braking to see if the aBS functions . My aBS light is nOT lit at any time. I do not know whether the brake pressure sensor is internal to the aBS pump or whether it is external as on older vehicles. My vehicle is MJ10WDD; I wonder if you would be able to advise whether your service would fix my fault. I am also unsure whether this amber traction control light being illuminated would fail an MOT test due in 2 wks time. Please can you help me with advice & pricing as I am keen to save my car but considering all the options on my reasonably elderly vehicle. Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi there Stephen!!
      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      I’ve passed along your inquiry to the appropriate department, and they will be in touch with you via email soon.


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