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Volkswagen (VW) Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve EGR Removal / Delete Service

Volkswagen EGR Valve RemovalVolkswagen (VW) EGR Problems & Faults
An Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR) consists of a system that is integrated into the exhaust valve to allow gasses to be recirculated into the engine to be re-burnt before being released into the atmosphere and is known to be a common nuisance on many of the Volkswagen vehicles. Although the integration of this device along with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) helps reduce vehicle emissions, it leads to the eventual build up of carbon within the inlet manifold, the engine, and the engine valves which eventually causes the vehicle to lose power when driving as well as reduce fuel economy.

A faulty EGR was easily repairable on older VW models, however, newer models come installed with more sophisticated systems, which cause warning lights and fault codes to appear when trying to blank off or bypass the EGR, and sometimes even causing the vehicle to go into “Limp Mode”.

Volkswagen EGR Valve Common Faults
Some of the most common problems with the EGR valve can lead to more major issues if not dealt with immediately or if not looked after properly. That is why we always recommend that you have your EGR thoroughly cleaned with every other service to maintain it. The other option with a faulty EGR valve is to have it deleted completely from the ECU so it is programmed to stay shut at all times and will eliminate any future warning lights and fault codes appearing.

If your Volkswagen is suffering from any of the following faults, then it is recommended that you get it diagnosed for either a blocked EGR valve or DPF filter:

  • Fluttering On Acceleration
  • Loss of Power
  • Missfire
  • EGR Flap Position Sensor Faults
  • Smoke on Acceleration

Volkswagen Blocked EGR ValveVolkswagen EGR Delete Service by Sinspeed
Have you been experiencing any of the faults above? Then you will more than likely be interested in our completely safe and bespoke EGR Delete service! When carrying out this service, we log on to your Volkswagen’s on-board engine management system and program the EGR to remain shut at all times so that gasses will no longer re-circulate into the engine. This will then mean that there will no longer be any carbon build-up within the engine or the inlet manifold allowing the vehicle to run without any future EGR related problems.

All of the Volkswagen models we offer EGR Deactivation Services for are listed below, however, if your vehicle is not listed, please give us a call on 0203 815 9441 and we will be more than happy to check for you!

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