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Volvo Throttle Body Repairs & Rebuilds

Volvo Throttle Body Repairs
Volvo Throttle Body Rebuilds
An engine requires the correct mixture of air and fuel in order for it to run smoothly, and the amount of air that gets in to the engine is controlled by the air intake system which has a component called the throttle body installed within it which controls this. If the throttle body was to become faulty for any reason, and the incorrect amount of air was being released in to the engine, this could go on to ruin the air fuel ratio, hence causing a number of problems.

The main issues that have been highlighted whilst carrying out Volvo Throttle Body Repairs in our workshop include:

  • Engine Light On
  • Poor Idle
  • Poor throttle Response
  • Stalling / Cutting Out
  • Loss of Power causing it to go in to Limp Mode
  • Throttle Position Sensors Fault
  • P0121 (throttle position sensor A range/performance)
  • P1609 (throttle body internal fault).

Volvo Throttle Body ProblemsHow Can Sinspeed Help With My Faulty Volvo Throttle Body?
Here at Sinspeed we are able to fully test & repair your Volvo throttle body which will not require any programming when re-fitting and will also come with a lifetime warranty. All Volvo throttle body’s are repaired using only genuine OEM components whilst uprating components when possible to ensure that each and every rebuilt throttle body meets and exceeds OE specifications.

Call us today on 0203 815 9441 for further information on how we can help you with your Volvo Throttle Body Repair!

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6 thoughts on “Volvo Throttle Body Repairs & Rebuilds
  • hi joe from p c m cars Coatbridge looking to have a throttle body re-con on a Volvo s80 2.4 year 2000 can you help tel 01236 432088

    • Hello Joe,

      Thank you for your enquiry, and many apologies for the delay in our response.

      We have sent you over an email now with further information and pricing regarding a Volvo Throttle Body.

      Kind Regards


  • Looking for a throttle body for a Volvo 2002 model S60 T5 that is the 2.3liter turbo.
    I am in South Africa, do you export to us? What is the price? How long does it take to get here?


    • Hi Frans

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


  • V70 2.4 140bhp.
    2001-2002 model year.
    Probable ETM issue.
    Price for testing/repair please.

    • Hi Stephen

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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