21 Mar, 14

Fiat Seicento Citymatic Clutch Actuator Repairs

Clutch Actuator Repairs - Fiat Seicento Citymatic ProblemsThe Fiat Seicento Citymatic is a small semi-automatic car (manual gear stick but no clutch pedal) and has a very common fault with the clutch actuator failing. When the clutch actuator fails, you will find the vehicle is hard to get into gears and on complete failure it will go into gear at all.

A failing clutch actuator can show signs of an intermittent fault. If you have a clutch actuator problem which is getting worse then find out about our repair service before you end up stranded and having to call for a recovery. It might start out as an intermittent problem but eventually can lead to complete loss of the automatic semi-clutch system which will stop the vehicle going into gear. This can happen randomly when you start the vehicle up or even worst, mid-journey!

A new clutch actuator replacement can be very expensive and may require coding and calibration. A used second-hand unit is not recommended because you never know how much mileage it has done already and comes with a limited warranty.

We offer a fast, efficient and affordable repair solution. We carry some of common failing part numbers in stock and also, we’re able to test & rebuild the unit and using new genuine OEM components we can repair the clutch actuator to meet & exceed OE specifications. We also offer a professional fitting service if required.

If you have a Fiat Seicento Citymatic with clutch actuator problems then give us a call today on 0844 847 9999 and find out how we can help you.

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