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Vauxhall Vectra 1.9CDTi DPF Removal Service

Vauxhall Vectra 1.9CDTi DPF ProblemsVauxhall Vectra DPF Removal
Much like the DPF Removal service on the Vauxhall Zafira and Vauxhall Combo, we offer the same DPF removal service for the Vauxhall Vectra. They share the same DPF system and so the same weaknesses.  If you own a modern diesel Vauxhall then you may be aware of the problems experienced by 100’s of motorists nationwide.

For more information on DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters), how they work and our services.. check out our in-depth article on What Is A DPF.

Having DPF Problems With Your Vauxhall Vectra?
The majority of our customers who come to us with blocked DPF problems on the Vauxhall Vectra tell us that they are using the vehicle for local commuting and taxi driving in built up areas – mainly in and around London/M25. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) requires very high temperatures for prolonged periods of time in order to self-clean via a process called DPF Regeneration.

If you are using the vehicle for regular local commuting and stop/start traffic driving and short journeys then the DPF system will not reach the optimum temperatures for long enough periods and so will fail to self-clean and fail to perform successful DPF Regenerations. – This is why the DPF gets blocked up.

When the Vauxhall Vectra DPF gets blocked, it is critical to get the problem resolved – sooner rather than later. If the DPF is left blocked and you continue to drive like this, then the excess back pressure can cause further issues such as some of the following:

  • Turbo Damage (Seals & Bearings)
  • Carbon Backup
  • Injector Seals
  • Over Pressurised Crank Case
  • Engine Seals Failure
  • Blocked / Damaged EGR Valve

To avoid expensive problems, it is highly recommended that if you experience any DPF related problems, you should have the faults diagnosed and rectified immediately.

My Vauxhall Vectra DPF Is Blocked – What Are My Options?
If your Vauhall Vectra DPF is blocked up, then you have two options – either replace the filter with a new genuine part or have it professionally removed. We do not recommend having the DPF forcefully regenerated because carrying out forced regenerations does put excess strain on the injectors having to squirt diesel at high pressure for prolonged periods of time to reach optimal temperatures in order to aid a successful DPF Regeneration – even if it is successful, it is almost guaranteed that the problem will persist or at least come back in the future.
A new genuine filter replacement can be very costly, a typical DPF filter replacement can cost as much as £1500 +VAT (+Labour).It would only be recommended to regenerate the DPF forcefully by taking to your local dealership if you’re planning to sell the vehicle to someone with a more suited driving style or change your own driving style – otherwise it really will be a waste of time and money.

Vauxhall Vectra Blocked DPF SolutionsHow Do You Remove My Vauxhall Vectra DPF?
We offer a completely bespoke & custom DPF Removal solution which saves breaking the bank. In fact, the entire process from start to finish costs a fraction of the price of a replacement filter alone and our guarantees are second to none. We operate a 4-stage custom DPF removal session which consists of the following:

  1. Delete fault codes & reset ECU (Turn off Engine/DPF light)
  2. Physical removal of DPF filter (Removing the blocked DPF completely & permanently)
  3. Custom Sinspeed DPF Removal software – bespoke to your vehicle
  4. Smoke-Correction service – Unique to Sinspeed DPF Removals

Because our DPF Removal software is custom and bespoke to your vehicle, we guarantee a 100% success rate. We download the files from the vehicles on-board computer (ECU) and then manually scan through the 1000’s of data strings to modify and delete all DPF related data strings. Some data strings for the DPF system may be interlinked with other sensors such as:

  • EGT Sensors (Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors)
  • Lambda / o2 / Oxygen Sensors
  • EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation System)

In such cases, we will modify the data strings to remove the DPF settings whilst leaving the other sensors and systems in tact and fully functional. The difference here is that many other companies are using automated softwares which will accidentally delete these data strings and this is where problems occur in the future.

We only offer DPF removals with a 100% success rate, a life time software warranty and a free Smoke-Correction Service. To find out more about our smoke-correction service, please check out our smoke-correction article.

Removing the DPF will will not bring up any error messages and the car will not go into LIMP mode. Also, you will never experience any Regeneration messages where the ECU normally attempts to clean the DPF – this is because the DPF is no longer existing.

Finally, you will experience an overall increase in performance, smoothing out any flat spots and safeguard the life of both your engine & turbocharger.

Will DPF Removal Cause Me To Fail An MOT?
From February 2014, the law is changing to include the visual inspection of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) during your MOT inspection. Although our DPF Removals are very discreet and our smoke-correction ensures the vehicle won’t smoke come MOT time, we are offering our DPF Removal sessions as an “Off-Road Use Only” service.

For bookings & more information, call us today on 0203 815 9441 or email us.

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  • Hi

    Can i have a price for a vauxhall Vectra 2006 1.9tdi 150 BHP

    My DPF is blocked


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  • hi what is the cost of having dpf delete I have already removed interior of dpf filter and reprogrammed to tell ecu new dpf fitted but 20 miles down the road ,soon as it warms up it starts dpf cycle hopefully delete will cure it
    its had new egr valve fitted and oil changed thank you

    • Hello Kevin

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