04 Dec, 11

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2D (Turbo Diesel) DPF Removal (DPF-OFF) Breakthrough!!

Mitsubishi DPF RemovalYet another breakthrough.. We are proud to be known hereon as the first company WORLDIWDE to ever have successfully completed a full NO-Error DPF Removal Session on the Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 TD.

We’ve had so much interest in a DPF Removal service for this vehicle but it’s been a myth until now. The Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 TD is unlike any other vehicle fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Yes, all Diesel Particulate Filters work pretty much the same, if you would like to learn more about DPF’s then read our article on What Is A DPF.

Why is the Mitsubishi Shogun DPF System Different?
Along with other Japanese manufactured vehicles such as the Toyota Verso, Nissan Navara & Mazda’s etc.. the Mitsubishi Shogun shares the DENSO Engine Control Module, also known as an ECM / ECU. This ECU type is one that no company until earlier this year could get into, however, to our knowledge we were in fact the very first company across the UK & Europe to successfully de-crypt the DENSO ECU on the Mazda group cars.. read the ECU data file and successfully carry out a fully custom DPF Removal & Remap session with 100% success! – But each manufacturers coding and encryption is very different and so only parts of a technique can be used across the board and for most parts, you have to start over..

Also, unlike the standard DPF pressure sensor setups with two pipes (one before & one after the DPF), the Mitsubishi Shogun has a third pipe with an extra pressure sensor. So for companies who have been trying to map out the DPF, it has been completely impossible due to this addition and it’s not a simple case of work a little harder and map out the second sensor because all the data is not in one place.. we’ve had to decrypt the entire ECU and manually scan through all data strings to find all DPF Related strings to delete and alter.

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2TD DPF Warning LampHow Can Sinspeed Help With My Blocked Mitsubishi Shogun DPF?
We have had a dedicated team, working night & day on a solution for the Mitsubishi Shogun / L200 for over 1 year and last month we successfully completed our very first complete “Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2TD Custom DPF Removal Session” with 100% success! – Since then, in just one month we have (to date) completed 13 Mitsubishi Shogun DPF Removals and all with an impeccable 100% success rate!.. This is something that.. even today, no other company WORLDWIDE can offer any Mitsubishi Shogun owner.

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering this service to all trade & public.

How Will This Effect The Performance Of My Mitsubishi Shogun?
After successfully having the DPF Removed (if done right, by Sinspeed) you will experience an increase in performance & overall better fuel consumption. Also, due to the decrease in back pressure, there will be less stress on the engine & turbocharger to work as hard when delivering power and so, will increase the life expectancy of your turbo, engine & other mechanical components.

What Do You Mean By “CUSTOM” DPF Removal?
There are lots of new companies that have popped up across the internet in this last year claiming to be experts and having done 1000’s of DPF removals for many years and being professionals etc etc.. When really, they have fallen into the trap of buying a laptop loaded with “automated software” which when plugged into a DPF model vehicle, will basically switch off the warning lamps by scanning the ECU file and deleting all DPF data strings within the parameters of the software. However, the problem is, if it finds data strings relating to exhaust temperature sensors, fuel rail pressure sensor & lambda sensor etc.. these are also closely related to the DPF system and have integrated data strings attached to the DPF maps which will in turn also be deleted so if not immediately, will over time cause major issues with the safety and performance of the vehicle.

What we do is decrypt the ECU entirely and download the full contents of each vehicles map files. We then scan through all the data strings to find & delete all traces of the DPF file structure and where necessary, alter the data strings relating to other sensors such as the lambda, fuel rail pressure and exhaust temperature sensors to ensure they continue to work correctly whilst completely disabling the DPF system. – NOT just turning the lights off from the dashboard & fooling customers!

How Long Will A DPF Removal On My Mitsubishi Shogun Take?
On most vehicles we can now offer a fully custom DPF removal session completed in as little as 2-3 hours, however, on the Mitsubishi Shogun.. being a new class of DPF Removals, we require the vehicle for up to 1 day to carry out a complete custom DPF removal session followed by our smoke-correction service and a full diagnostics of the vehicle to ensure no other faults occur thereafter.

Will I Have ANY Problems After Removing My Mitsubishi Shogun DPF?
Removing the DPF will not cause you any future DPF related problems, we can guarantee this. It will not bring up any error messages and the car will not go into LIMP mode. Also, you will never experience any Regeneration messages where the ECU normally attempts to clean the DPF – this is because the DPF is no longer existing.

Finally, you will experience an overall increase in performance, smoothing out any flat spots and safeguard the life of both your engine & turbocharger.

Will DPF Removal Cause Me To Fail An MOT?
From February 2014, the law is changing to include the visual inspection of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) during your MOT inspection. Although our DPF Removals are very discreet and our smoke-correction ensures the vehicle won’t smoke come MOT time, we are offering our DPF Removal sessions as an “Off-Road Use Only” service.

A new DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) will range from £900.00 – £1500.00 (+Labour & +VAT). We can remove the entire DPF for a fraction of this cost and you’ll never have to worry about it ever again.

For more information, please call us on 0203 815 9441.

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25 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2D (Turbo Diesel) DPF Removal (DPF-OFF) Breakthrough!!
  • Good day I recently purchased a Mitsubishi canter 2011 model (ska-fb20)that carries a 4P10 engine. This truck is 2.25 tonnes and is fitted with adblue system as well.
    I have experienced problems with the unit with the engine light coming on (red) and the dpf light flashing red so that the truck was not able to start.
    A local car repair guy had the vehicle adblue card reset and the vehicle was able to start.
    When I had the vehicle diagnosed with a computer it said that the nox sensor was dumping too much adblue hence the reason why the vehicle malfunction.
    Anyhow the electrician wired the truck to remove both dpf and adblue system. The truck works but my dash has the following check lights on. I had the dpf filter removed as well. I realized the unit also lost power to some extent. I would like the lights to come off and I realize to get this done I need the entire ecu remap from my readings.
    I will like to know what are my possible options and a quote in usd as well. I am from Trinidad and Tobago.
    Do hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Nicholas

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      Yes the ECU must be programmed to match the physical removal of the DPF filter and ADBlue system. We can certainly help you achieve this in Trinidad and Tobago and we’ve sent you an email with full pricing and information for this service.

      Kind Regards


  • I have the d1497 error code on my Mitsubishi pajero 3.2did model 2010. Can you help me with this and can we get rid of the Dpf completely. I am based in Kenya

    • Hi Priyesh

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


  • where can i get remouval and remap of my2008 3.2 lwb shogun and at what cost
    regards my postcode is WV73BH

    • Hey Adrian!!

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      I’ve passed along your inquiry to the appropriate department, and they will be in touch with you via email soon.


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